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4.1 The Conclusion

Hello and welcome to the conclusion lesson of this course. Let's make a quick summary of the best practices you've learned. First, you need to be consistent in design. Your processing table needs to blend in with the rest of your website. It needs a bit more emphasis, but not so much that it seems out of place. Then you need to use a sensible number of plans and also name them correctly, usually go for two to five plans. If you have enough differences between them, you can also justify more than five. But remember, the more plans you have, the harder it will be for a potential customer to pick one. To help with that decision, you can always highlight one of the plans, either the most popular or the one with the best value. Also, avoid generic titles and name your plans according to the product you're selling. Speaking of plans, you should make it very easy to compare them. Customers want to see the differences not the similarities. So it's always a good idea to in-group the similarities in a separate section and save that very important space in the pricing tables for the differences. Now, simplicity is key. So dial down that visual noise by avoiding unnecessary imagery and icons. However, if you do want imagery, make sure it's relevant and helpful. Another great practice is to pay special attention to the price area. Make the price stand out, because that's one of the most important parts of your table. Also, it's always a good idea to offer monthly and annual payment option if your product allows for that, of course. And a currency switcher is always welcomed. So your customers can see the price in their local currency. Now, the call-to-action is where the conversion happens. So make sure yours is clear, easy to see and relevant. Don't just say, buy now. Instead, hint on what's about to happen if the user clicks that button. For example, sign up or start a free trial. Finally, you should always focus on the customers. Instead of listing the features in a technical way, think about how your customers will benefit from them and rephrase those features. Also, think about the mobile users and make sure you design your pricing tables for large, but also small screens and that's it from me. Thank you very much for watching this course. I'm Adi Purdila and until next time. Take care.

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