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1.1 Bolt CMS Theme Development

Let’s begin by quickly introducing the concepts we’ll be covering in this course. I’ll give you an overview of what you’ll be learning, what we’ll be building, and what you’ll be capable of once we’re finished.

1.1 Bolt CMS Theme Development

BoltCMS is a free open source CMS that's becoming more and more popular all the time with designers and developers, especially those who do a lot of client work. In this course, you're gonna start with a completed style sheet and a little JavaScript. And then you're gonna learn how to take those two assets and completely code up all of the template files, all of the mark up, and all of the functionality that goes into a BoltCMS theme. By the end of this course, you'll understand exactly what the requirements are of making a BoltCMS theme. You'll understand all of the principles of how they work, and you'll be equipped to make all of your own BoltCMS themes from that point forward. So let's jump in and get started on BoltCMS theme development. I'll see you in the first lesson.

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