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5.1 Conclusion

Congratulations, you've just completed the Bombproof Web Design course from tuts+. I want to thank you for taking this course, and I hope that you've really soaked up a lot of great information along the way. You now have a really thorough picture of what it takes to create fully cross-compatible websites, for all different types of user setups. You know how to analyze statistics to get real information to help inform your project planning. You know how to make decisions on what level of support you should offer and what type of technologies you should incorporate. You also know how to handle visitors who have various types of incompatibilities within their setups. And you know how to incorporate fallbacks and polyfills, so that wherever possible, people might not even know that they have a compatibility issue. You know what's involved in creating cross-compatible typography. You know how to leverage CSS pre-processes, and how to take advantage of vendor prefixes. You've learned how to deploy normalize CSS to establish some standardization across all browsers. You've also learned how to allow base font size control to be controlled by the user, or by the vendor, and how to create fully flexible designs that will scale along with that base font size. You've learned how to deal with all different types of displays, and you've learned the most important parts of creating accessible web sites. And to help you track your progress as you are developing your sites and check on everything once you're done, you've learned about some really great tools that you can use for testing. From here, the best thing that you can do is practice, practice, practice. Spend some time working with each of the topics that have been covered in this course, and really digging into becoming an expert with each one of those topics. I also strongly recommend that you take Rey Bango's course in "Cross Platform Browser Testing". You'll get even more really useful information out of that course. And finally, keep your finger on the pulse. Keep watching these new technologies that are coming up. Keep an eye out on watches, in-vehicle displays, voice controls, to make sure that you always stay ahead of the game. The more you understand about all the different aspects of user setups within each of the seven key areas that we've talked about, the better your websites will be. I'm Kis Bracey, and I look forward to seeing you in my next course. Until then have fun with Bombproof Web Design.

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