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1.1 Introduction

Hey, welcome. In this lesson I’ll give you an overview of what you’ll learn in this course.

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1.1 Introduction

Hey. Welcome to Bootstrap for Web Design. I'm [UNKNOWN], and this course is aimed at teaching you how to use the very popular Twitter Bootstrap Framework. It's now at version three and it comes with a bunch of elements that will help you create working prototypes, and even a full website's very easy. And the cool thing is the framework is responsive by default. So pretty much everything you build with it will look great on any device. If you've used the version two before and are curious about the different changes, check out the link below. As always, I'll start with a bit of theory on Bootstrap's most important components, and then move on to an exercise part where I'll build a simple page using the framework. And during this time, I'll be showcasing the different components. Now, I'm sure you're eager to get started, so let's jump to lesson number one, where I'll give you an overview of the framework, and show you how to install it.

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