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1.1 Welcome

Hey everyone, I’m Adi Purdila. Welcome to this Tuts+ course.

In the following lessons I’ll talk about Twitter Bootstrap version 3. It was recently released and it’s a major upgrade of the very popular framework from Twitter.

Now, I’ve already done a course on Bootstrap, but it was using version 2.3. This course is mainly focused on the differences between the two major versions. So, if you’re looking for a bit of insight into Bootstrap or you’re just starting out, check out the other course first, via the link below.

Bootstrap 3 is pretty different from the previous version. It has a brand new grid system, it’s mobile-first—which is awesome because you get a responsive framework by default—and has lots of smaller changes that make it even more awesome. I’ll be going through these changes in the first part of the course and then follow with an exercise part where I’ll build a simple page using some of the components from this latest version.

That’s about it, let’s jump straight to the first lesson, where I’ll talk about the new design.

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