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1.1 Build a Blog With Craft CMS

Many content management systems are designed to cater for a specific kind of site and hence are locked into having certain features that can’t be adjusted.

Craft CMS, on the other hand, is not oriented towards any one type of site. Rather, it’s designed to be so flexible that you can turn it into virtually any kind of site you need.

In this quick introduction, we’ll cover what’s to come in the following lessons. So let’s go ahead and start “Build a Blog With Craft CMS”!

1.1 Build a Blog With Craft CMS

This is Cass for Envato Tuts Plus. And In this course we're going to build a blog with Craft cms. Craft cms is not like other site management platforms that you might be used to. Most site management platforms are designed for a particular kind of site like for a blog or for an e-commerce site for example. And they have a lot of features that are baked in just for that one type of site. Craft on the other hand is designed to be totally flexible and allow you to create any type of site that you want. But what that means in terms of using the system is that you need to learn how to develop Craft in the particular direction that you want to take it. In this course we're gonna build on a couple of courses that we did on Craft previously, where we looked at getting up and running. And we looked at building a landing page with Craft. And we're gonna build on the essentials that we covered in those two courses. And we're gonna learn how to create a blog using Craft CMS. Now you're gonna get a completed CSS style sheet so that you don't have to focus on design you can just focus on learning Craft. And then were gonna create a blog that has all of the types of functions that you most familiar with from other blog creation platforms that you might have used in the past. So let's get started and build a blog with crafts CMS. I'll see you in the first lesson.

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