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3.6 Update the 404 Template

Hey, welcome to the last lesson of Build a Blog with Craft CMS. We've only got one very small job left to do, and that is just to edit the HTML in the default 404.html template so that it matches the rest of our site. So we're just going to jump into the templates folder and open up the 404 template. Now we can get rid of all of these comments. Let's turn on our syntax highlighting. And then we're gonna use pretty much the same HTML that we're using for our pages. So we'll grab that template as well. We're just gonna copy all of this. Paste it inside our block. And then we're just gonna copy over the existing content. So we just add that in for our static heading. And then we'll just add this paragraph in here. Might just add a little something of our own. We might just also say please try the search bar above to find what you are looking for. And then we're just gonna delete this from down here, and that's it. So now our 404 page is completely in keeping with the layout and the styling of the rest of our site. So that's it, now you are 100% finished. You've completely built your Craft Blog up from scratch. So I hope you'll join me in the final video of this course. We're gonna go through and have a very quick recap of everything that you've learned. And then, as usual, I'll give you a couple of tips on things that you might like to naturally progress through to continue building a new knowledge of Craft CMS. So I'll see you in the final video.

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