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4.1 Wrapping Up

Hey, welcome to the final video in Build a Blog with Craft CMS. I'm Kezz Bracey, and this has been an Envado Tuts+ course. So, you have done a ton of stuff in this course. You started with nothing but just a default installation of Craft CMS and a style sheet pretty much, and you've built out an entire blog with all of the features that you'd expect to find in the most common blogging platforms. So you can put something together like this for anybody that's used to working with other blogging platforms, and they should feel fairly comfortable to use it in a way that they're familiar with. You set up your layout HTML template so that you could extend all of your other templates off that. You created all of your categories and your subcategory setups. And then you used your categories to make sure that you had search engine friendly permalinks for every one of your blog entries. You created a display of all of your entry's categories and subcategories. You included pagination. You set up how your single blog post entries were going to look. You created a category page, to show all of the entries posted under a particular category. You also made sure that you included static pages, so that you can create things like about us pages, and those types of extra things that you need on top of regular blog posts, on a typical blog. You completely set up a fully functioning Search bar. You created a navigation bar that automatically populates itself. And, you made sure that your 404 template was in keeping with the style of your whole site. And then that's all come together, bringing all those moving parts into something that looks fairly familiar. So I hope that helps you to feel more comfortable and confident in building sites with Craft CMS, of whatever type you need. So, we've now done two quite different types of sites, we've built a landing page, and we've built a fully fledged blog. And we've sort of gone through a bit of a natural process, we've just covered the essentials in Up and Running With Craft CMS and then we've built on that. And to me, the next natural step is to dig into working with Craft CMS's matrix field type. Now, we did use that briefly in building landing pages with Craft CMS, where we used it to set up social icons, but you can actually take a matrix field a lot further. You can effectively leverage it to set up a really user friendly page building system, so that when you're creating pages, you can sort of art direct them as you're moving along. You can create all different sorts of components, which can be brought together into a single page using a matrix field. So, I'll include a link below this video to the documentation, and I definitely recommend having a look at that and just letting your imagination run with what you can use that to build. So I hope you really enjoyed this course, and thanks so much for taking it, and I'll see you in the next one.

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