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2.8 Setting Up for the “Footer One” Panel Entry

Hey, welcome back to Building Landing Pages with Craft CMS. In this lesson, we're going to be setting up all the backend requirements for what we're calling the Footer One Panel, that's this here. Now this one is going to be pretty quick because we don't need to set up any new fields, and the reason is, the fields that we already set up for the Hero Panel can also be used to apply to the Footer Panel. We're just going to reuse those fields inside another entry time, so we are going to our Dashboard Settings. So, as I said this time, we don't need any fields, so we'll skip that stage. We're just going to go straight into our sections, edit our entry types, create a new entry type. We'll call it Footer One. Leave Show the Title Field checked, and then we're just gonna borrow from the fields that we use for our Hero Panel. So, make a new tab and rename it to Footer One. Now we'll add the same fields, Hero Image Description, Button Text, Button URL, and we'll save. So that's it for that entry type. We've been able to do that really efficiently by just reusing some of the fields that we already had. In the next lesson, we'll set up the entry for that and also the template, so I'll see you there.

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