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3.1 Wrapping Up

Congratulations, you've just finished building landing pages with Craft CMS. So now, you've gone through the process of completely converting a static HTML site into a dynamic Craft CMS driven site. So you went through working with sections and fields and all different kinds of ways. You learned how to use a couple of different field types like, the matrix field. We set up a couple of different asset sources, so you should be pretty familiar with doing that now. We went through and did some solid tweak coding as part of creating all of the templates for each one of your panels. You learned how to use a full loop to retrieve each one of the custom entry types that you set up. You learned how to use a full loop to get a specific asset. You learned how to output content from all the different fields that you set up. And how to do things like using the divisibleby function to vary the kind of HTML that you're outputting from your templates. So as for what you should look at learning next, with working with Craft CMS. Throughout this course, we are fairly focused on using the structure section type because it just suited what we're building. They also have the single section type and the channel section type, and we talked about what those are for in the last course. So I recommend having a play around with setting up some custom single types, and also some custom channel types. From there, if you are coding inclined, it's definitely worth checking out plugin development for Craft CMS. One of the things that you can do is write your own plugins to create specific field types that are not in the system yet. So through that you can take a system that's already pretty flexible and make it even more flexible. So I hope you really enjoyed building up your landing page. That you're feeling a lot more comfortable with Craft CMS. And that you tend to keep exploring the system and learning how to use it to build exactly the type of sites that you need to create. So thanks so much for taking this course and I'll see you in the next one.

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