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7.1 Recap

Well, you just finished this course. I hope you learned something new from it. I wanted to make each lesson as a small snippet of information so you can absorb it better but just in case things are still not clear please let me know on the forum or the comments — I’ll try and help out as much as I can.

In the end, let me give you a quick tour of what I showed during the course.

I started with some typography related techniques and talked about drop caps, font stacks and some shorthand notations.

Next up I’ve showed you how to create some custom radio buttons and checkboxes — all done with CSS. Along with that, I made a small introduction to the focus and hover states of text inputs and how they can be styled.

The third chapter was dedicated to positioning and I’ve talked about some neat tricks for centering text and images.

Next up were CSS generated elements. Some very simple techniques for creating triangles, circles and an awesome layered paper effect.

Finally, three useful techniques that I use in lots of projects. The first one was about the very popular back to top button. It was followed by the nth-child selector — the one capable of selecting even and odd elements. In the last lesson I showed you a technique for creating fluid images.

Many thanks for watching this course.

I’m your teacher Adi Purdila and from all of us at Tuts+, have a great day!