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2.8 CanIUse

The CanIUse plugin provides a quick-access panel in Brackets where you can search for information about browser compatibility on the CanIUse website.

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2.8 CanIUse

Hello and welcome back. If you've been doing web designer, web development for any length of time at all, then you've probably heard of the web site, This website is a great source of information for the latest web trends. And it's a great place to go to see if it's a good idea to use a particular feature on your website, whether it's a certain HTML element or CSS selector or something like that, it's a great place to go to let you know what browsers support the feature you want to use. All these are great plugin for brackets called can I use, which makes use of the service to let us know how compatible our features are or the features that we might want to create on our website. How compatible those are with other browsers. So let's go to our extension manager here and I'm gonna do a search for caniuse, all one word, and here we go. So let's install that. Once we've installed it, we'll close everything. And then if we go to the View menu, you'll notice that we have a new option here called Show CanIUse. If I click on that, it gives us a pop-up panel where we can type in anything we want here. So if we wanted more information about flexbox and I think when I started typing it I saw a flexible back layer yeah, there we go. So when we click on that option and it will give a chart showing us how widely supported that particular feature is. And so it's gonna give you quick access to this information that lets you know what browsers you can use certain features in. So again, this is just another one of those short time savers. I hope it helps you out and I'll see you in the next lesson. Thank you for watching.

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