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1.2 The Extension Manager

Right, let’s jump in with the fundamentals. In this lesson, I will give you a quick tour of the Brackets Extension Manager, which gives you access to all of the most popular Brackets plugins.

1.2 The Extension Manager

Hello, and welcome back. In this lesson I want to show you the Extension Manager in Brackets just in case you've never used it before. It's very easy to use, but it's at least worth pointing out. So you can find the Extension Manager on the right-hand side, it's this little icon here that looks like a LEGO block. We'll click on that and you'll see a few tabs at the top. So we have our Available tab which has a list of available extensions that you can download and install. We have Themes which has a list of color themes for Brackets. Then we have our installed extensions which we don't have any yet. And then our default extensions which come with Brackets by default. And so if we go back to our Available tab here, this is where we're gonna be spending most of our time in this lesson. So for any of the extensions that we're looking at you can install them by clicking on the button over here on the right. And a lot of these extensions also have a link here that says more info, and it will take you to a website where you can read more about that extension. Now we're not gonna be using it in this lesson, but we also have this section down here at the bottom where we can drag a zip file in case we've downloaded an extension in the form of a zip file of from some other website, so we can just drag that there to install it. But those are the basics of using the Extension Manager and we'll get started with our first extension in the next lesson, thank you for watching.

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