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2.6 Auto Rename Tag

By default, if you rename an opening tag in your HTML, you will also have to manually rename the closing tag. In this lesson, I will show you a time-saving extension that will take care of this second step for you.

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2.6 Auto Rename Tag

Hello and welcome back. In this lesson, I wanna talk about an extension that does one very specific thing to save us a little bit of time when we're editing our HTML. Let's say that we want to change this h4 here to an h3. Well, if we wanna do that, we've gotta change it here and then we've gotta change it at the end. We've gotta change it in two separate places, which isn't a huge deal, it doesn't take that much time. But every little bit of time saved, I think is definitely worth the effort. So there's a plugin called auto rename tag. And as you can see, I've already searched for it here. And if you just search for auto rename, you'll see that search result. So I'm going to install that. And then we'll [SOUND] reload the window. And once we do, we'll see very quickly what this does for us. So if we wanna change this h3 to an h4, all we need to do is change the first one and you'll see that the second one automatically changes for you. It's as simple as that. There's no other bells and whistles that are really gonna make this one stand out. But it really does save a lot of time whenever you're editing your HTML code. So thanks again for watching and I'll see you in the next lesson.

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