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2.9 HTML Boilerplate

The HTML Boilerplate for Visual Studio Code does one thing and one thing only. It gives you a quick and easy snippet for creating the skeleton of an HTML5 document.

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2.9 HTML Boilerplate

A few years ago I used to keep a separate HTML file which was, basically, just a template for a basic HTML file. It was just a skeleton of an HTML document, it had the DOC type, and the HTML head and body tags, and that was pretty much it. Well in this lesson I wanna take a look at an extension that, basically, does all of that for us. So we don't need to copy it over from an extra template file that we might have sitting around on our system. So I'm gonna jump over to our extensions here and I'm gonna do a search for HTML Boilerplate. And here it is right here, it's the very first one. I'm gonna click on Install, and then Reload. So we're gonna reload the window and we're gonna find out just how quick this is, we're gonna find out just how much time this can save us. What we're gonna do is we're gonna start a new HTML file. So I'm just gonna right click over here in this empty area, click on New File, and I'll just call this test2.html. And all we have to do to get this to work is to type html5-biolerplate. And you can see when I type HTML that it automatically shows up as one of our IntelliSense options and we can click on that and it will fill it out for us. So this gives us our DOC type, it even throws in some browser compatibility scripts here, and it also includes several options in the head of the document. It sets up the character set as utf-8 and sets up a few other meta tags here. It also gives us an empty title tag and then an empty body, again, with some basic browser detection scripts here. So, again, this is a very quick and easy plugin, it is a great starting point for any HTML document. It gets all of the essentials things out of the way so that you can just start building your HTML. So thank you for watching and I'll see you in the next video.

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