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2.5 Path IntelliSense

In this lesson, I will show you the Path IntelliSense extension, which provides code hinting for any path references in your HTML.

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2.5 Path IntelliSense

Hello and welcome back. In this lesson, we're gonna talk about an extension for Visual Studio Code that gives us IntelliSense when it comes to paths. So if we're creating something like an image in HTML or creating a link to a style sheet, whenever we're typing in our path we can get IntelliSense for it if we have this plugin. So you'll notice in my test folder here that I have a folder called CSS. And inside that folder I have a file called test.css. Well let's say that we wanted to create a link for it. So after this script tag in the head, I'll create a link. Or I could just use HTML snippets and just typing out link here and hit enter there when it's selected. And then we can fill this out, we'll call this stylesheet. Type is gonna be text/css. And then for our href we could point to the CSS folder forward slash and then the name of the file, test.css. Well we could get to that a little bit quicker if we had this IntelliSense plugin. So let's jump into our extensions here. And I'm just gonna click on Later. It's asking for updates right now, I'm gonna click on later. But in our extensions section, I'm gonna do a search for an extension called Path IntelliSense. And you notice if l just type in path, this Path IntelliSense is the first one that shows up. So I'll click on Install and Reload. And we'll reload the window, and we'll see how that looks. Okay, so we've reloaded our window. Now let's start typing in that path one more time here for our href. So I'm gonna type in css/ and now you'll see we get this pop-up IntelliSense, and we can find our URL right here. Double click on it, or I guess just click once on it. And it will fill it out for us. So as you can imagine, this can be a wonderful time saver. Like I mentioned, it can help with link tags, script tags, image tags, anything where you have to type in a path. So thank you for watching and I'll see you in the next lesson.

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