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1.1 Introduction

This first lesson will give you a insight into what we’re going to cover in this course on Semantic UI. This course will refer extensively to the Semantic UI documentation, to ensure that you get a good understanding of all Semantic UI’s features. To complete this course you’ll need a solid understanding of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, so if you need to brush up on a few things before getting underway, take a look through the courses listed below.

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1.1 Introduction

Hi guys, welcome to this course on getting started with Semantic UI. My name is Lawrence from Tuts+. And, in this lesson, I want to show you what this course has in store for you. So, in this course, I hope to demonstrate some of the features available to you via the Semantic UI. But, I'm going to do it in a project-based approach by creating a simple website. And, by taking this approach, we can find out the best workflow that is going to keep us productive throughout this entire project. We can also examine the parts of the UI where we need to add in our own code in order to create the effects that we are looking for. Now, there are a few prerequisites in order for you to take this course. The first one is HTML, the second one is CSS, and the third one is the JavaScript library, jQuery. Now, you must understand all of those APIs before you can begin to start this course. So, if you have all of those skills, it's time to start this project up. So, thank you for watching me in this lesson. And, in the next lesson, we'll take a look at working with the Semantic UI

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