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1.1 Grids and Layout Tricks With "postcss-ant"

This quick welcome video will introduce postcss-ant, whilst demonstrating a few of the projects we’ll be working on, from beginner level to more advanced.

1.1 Grids and Layout Tricks With "postcss-ant"

Hi this is Case Bracey for Envato Tuts+ and in this course, you'll be learning grids and layout tricks with postcss-ant. Postcss-ant is a grid and layout management system created by Cory Simmons who you might know from the other grid systems that he's created Lost and Jeet. Now, this grid system is one of the most powerful grid systems around. But it's also very clean, requires minimal code to use, and is very low on bloat. It runs on top of the awesome PostCSS, which means that you have the option to use it with just straight up vanilla CSS or if you prefer, you can use it with your favorite pre-processor. In this course, we're gonna step through all the basics of working with postcss-ant and we're gonna go through how to use it to create real world layouts. We're also gonna dig into some of its really interesting and unique functions with a little look at some of the advanced things that you can do with it towards the end of the course. So let's go ahead and get started learning grids and layout tricks with postcss-ant. I'll see you in the first lesson.

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