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2.7 Classic Editor

In this lesson, we will take a look at the “Classic Editor” plugin, which allows us to write posts and pages using the old WordPress editor. It also allows you to choose on a post-by-post basis which editor you would like to use.

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2.7 Classic Editor

When you're creating a new post in WordPress, by default, you're taken to this screen where we can enter our title. And then we're taken to this section where we have these blocks that we can build. And this is the new way of editing content in WordPress. So by default, we're typing in a paragraph. If we hit Enter, it's basically another paragraph. We can paste in text or whatever. So for the most part, the Classic Editor, the editor that we have been using for years, is no longer available to us in WordPress. Now we can get to that editor. If we were to get rid of some of these content, I'm just gonna hit Ctrl+Z a couple of times. And for our first block here, if we click the plus icon and then scroll down to Formatting, there's an option for Classic. And this is built into WordPress. So we have this option for the Classic Editor, but it's still acting as a block. It's basically a block within our content. So you'll notice we can still add more blocks below that. So if you like the old editor, that's one way you can get back to the old Classic Word Press editor. But what if you want the entire post to be written inside the old editor? Well, there's no way to do that in vanilla WordPress anymore. However, there is a plugin that allows us to go back to the Classic Editor without using it as a separate block. Let's take a look at how to do that. So I'm gonna hit Ctrl+Z once again to get rid of this extra block we've created. And then I'm just going to Publish this for now, and we'll go back to it in a moment. But I'm gonna go over to my Plugins, to my Installed Plugins. And there is a plugin called Classic Editor. So if you go to your new plugin screen and do a search for Classic Editor, it's the one that's published by WordPress Contributors. So I'm gonna activate that. And once it's activated, if I go back to my Posts, and actually we don't wanna start with this one we've already started. I'm gonna add a new post here. You'll see that by default, now it's starting with the Classic WordPress Editor. So we enter our title up here at the top. And then we can enter our content like we used to enter it back in older versions of WordPress. We can click on this button here to see more items on the toolbar. But again, this is the editor that we're all familiar with if you've been using WordPress for a while. Now the great thing about this plugin is you're not married to using this Classic Editor every time you create a new post. So let's go back to the All Posts screen. And you'll see that when we add a new post, we don't really have any options for which editor we're gonna use. Well, if we go down to our Settings menu and go to the Writing section, you'll notice there's a new option here. And it says that the default editor for all users is now Classic Editor. So we can change that to Block Editor editor if we want. And I'm gonna do that. I'm gonna change it so that our default editor is the Block Editor. But then we have another option just below that to, Allow users to switch editors. And this will allow you to choose with every post you write which editor you wanna use. So I'm gonna change that to Yes, and then I'll save our changes. Once those changes are saved, we're gonna go back to our Posts. And you can see which editor was used with each of the posts that we've created. And now if I create a new post, you'll see that it's going to default me to the Block Editor. But we can come down over here to the right and scroll down to the bottom, and here's our option for switching to the Classic Editor. And when we click on that, we can change this post to a post that uses the Classic Editor. So let's call this Classic Editor Post. And then we'll just paste some content here, and Publish it. Once it's published, we can go back to All Posts, and we can see which editor was used. So we can see this latest post we created was created using the Classic Editor. And when we're editing a post, we can choose which editor we want to use. So even though we started it with a Classic Editor, if we were to click on Block Editor here underneath the post title, then we can edit it using the Block Editor. So that gives us a lot more flexibility when we're creating our posts. So if we want to quickly be able to throw in some content and have it look nice, we can do so using the Block Editor. Or if we really want to fine tune our control over everything in the post using the old way, then we can switch to the Classic Editor. And we even have some tools, as we saw, for changing these settings for each user. So once again, thank you for watching, and I'll see you in the next video.

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