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2.1 Gutenberg Review

Before we start, it would be a good idea to take a look at what Gutenberg is and what it does. In this lesson, I will walk you through a quick reminder of the Gutenberg content editor in WordPress.

2.1 Gutenberg Review

Hello and welcome back. For those of you who are new to WordPress 5 and up, I want you to do a quick review of the Gutenberg editor. Now the Gutenberg editor is the built-in text editor for WordPress starting with WordPress 5. And if we go to our Posts, All Pages, and let's just edit the default hello world post. We can see our editing environment now. So the core of the Gutenberg editor is this idea of building our content out in blocks. Each little section of our content here is stored in a block. So we have this header block and we have a paragraph block below it. And we can add more blocks either by hovering down here below our last block, and we see that's currently not working. But if that doesn't work it's okay we can just come up to the top and click the plus icon in the top left. And then it asks us what type of block we want to answer. So we have our most used block where you see things like paragraph and headings and things like that. And then we have some more categories down below. So we have Inline Elements or we can put in Inline Image, Common Blocks, Formatting Blocks, Layout Elements, Widgets, and Embeds. Now in his course, the plugins that we're gonna be talking about, are mostly going to be adding new blocks to our selections here. So we'll have some more flexibility with our content once we start looking at some of these plugins, but these blocks are very easy to create. We just click on, for example, a paragraph block, and it creates a new one down here. We can type in our new paragraph. And when we hit Enter, it actually creates a new block. You'll see our new paragraph is up here in it's own paragraph block and then down here it's created another paragraph block. A paragraph is what it creates by default. So if we want to change this from a paragraph to something else, we just click on this little plus icon, and then we can change it. So if we wanted an image we could click on image here, and then we could go to our media library and insert any number of images that we wanted. So let's just grab one of those images, click on Select and there we go. We can even add a caption if we want, or we could just move down to the next session and add a new block. So those with the basics of using the Gutenberg editor. Again as we move forward, we're gonna take a look at a number of plugins that allow us to add more blocks or more types of content to our post and pages. And then we'll also talk about how can we go back to the old-school editor if we prefer it that way. So thank you for watching, and I'll see you in the next lesson.

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