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3.6 Customizing the Blog Page

The next page on our to-do list is the blog page. There are a couple of options to customize it so, let's have a look. So, well I'll go to our Blog page right here. And this is currently what it looks like. Now, to start things off, I want to get rid of this title here, that's very easily done. We'll go to edit pages, Blog, and if you remember from the previous lesson, all I have to do is blank the Title Wrapper > Subtitle field here. So, when I make that blank, we're gonna hit Update and now that title is gone. Also, I would like to add a sidebar. So, to add a sidebar, we're gonna scroll down to the options, Sidebar. And I'm gonna select a layout. One column is the current layout, which doesn't show a sidebar. But, I have the option to display it either on the left or on the right. So I'm gonna choose columns right and I'm gonna select the default sidebar. So I'm gonna hit Update. And I'll do a refresh, and you'll notice now we have a sidebar on the right side. And on the left, of course, we have the list of posts displayed in a masonry format. Now, if you want to edit the sidebar, and just in case you're not very familiar with WordPress, you will need to go to Appearance > Widgets. And in here, you'll find all the sidebar locations that are defined for this particular theme. Here we have three locations, a Main Sidebar, a Footer Sidebar 1 and a Footer Sidebar 2. And the widgets that you see here are actually the ones being displayed on the right side here. So if, for example, I want to get rid of the meta, I would simply delete that. And I will do a refresh, and now that is gone. Maybe I just want to display the search, right? So, I'm gonna delete the rest of the widgets. And maybe grab one of the custom widgets made by the authors of Adios, like for example, the latest tweets, and those might come in handy. And I can say follow me on Twitter, and I'm gonna put my Twitter username here. Save that and then refresh. And now we have a brand new sidebar. And that's it for the blog, really. Of course you would go and have your own posts. I didn't in this case because it's just demo. But having you post is really simple. You just go to Posts > Add New. The theme offers four different formats, Standard, Video, Gallery and Audio. So you would enter the title, you would choose the post format, the categories. Set a featured image maybe, and you're all set. Now, we're almost done customizing our portfolio site. The last thing we need to do is tackle the contact page. So that's coming up in the next lesson.

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