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2.3 Loading the Demo Content

With the theme installed, the next step is to add our content. We have two options here: either build the content from scratch or load the demo content that’s provided by the theme author and customize that one.

The second option is much faster, so that’s what we’ll do.

2.3 Loading the Demo Content

With the theme installed, it's now time to add our own content. Now to do that we have two options, one, build all of our content from scratch. Or two, use the demo content that's provided by the author, and customize that one. The second option is much faster, so that's exactly what we're going to do. Now the demo content, just in case you missed it in the previous lesson. Is the exact content that you see on the official theme demo. And here we actually can see all of the pages, right, all of the home page styles. All of the block styles, all of the portfolio styles, we can have a look at them. See which one would fit the best, and then you use that one. Now to load the demo content, we're gonna go back to our Dashboard. We're gonna go Appearance, Theme Options. The theme provides a very handy Theme Options panel that will control a lot of the settings for the theme. We're gonna go to Demo Importer, and we're gonna hit Import Demo. And as you can see, importing a demo will create pages, posts, add images, theme options, widgets, and others. So, basically, by doing this, you get an exact copy of the official demo that you saw right here. So we're gonna Import Demo, hit OK, this might take a while. Well I think that took about two minutes in my case, and the demo content has been imported. Now if we're gonna take a look at post, for example, we're gonna see a bunch of posts that were not here before. By default Word Press just comes with this Hello World post. Pages, we're gonna see a ton of pages already made. All we have to do is rename the page, and add our own content. We have a bunch of images that were added to the media library. And you'll definitely recognize the images that are being used here on the official demo. So the demo content has been properly loaded. Now it's time to customize it to fit the portfolio side that we want to create. And we're gonna start this whole customization process in the next lesson by creating the navigation. See you there.

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