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2.4 Adding Products With Oberlo

Oberlo is a service that allows you to import products from suppliers and then sell those in your store. What’s more, it keeps track of orders, prices and inventory automatically, so all you have to do is find the products you want and import them. It’s that simple.

This is one of the alternatives to entering your products manually, and it works when you’re selling other people’s products. Let me show you how to do it.

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2.4 Adding Products With Oberlo

All right, let's add some products. As I was saying in the end of the previous video, there are two ways you can do that, manually or automatically with a third-party app. In our case, that third-party ap is called Oberlo. It's free, you can add it to your Shopify store. And what this basically allows you to do is sell other people's products. You import those products from suppliers, and then sell them in your own store. Now, Oberlo allows you to do that, and more than that, it keeps track of inventory of orders, shipping information, all of that stuff. So it's really awesome. Let me show you how to use Oberlo. First, you need to go to the back end, go to Apps. Actually, it's the very first product that you see here. It's a featured product. All right, so you click on that link. Then you hit Get. Then you enter your store's URL, right? So I'm gonna copy this link. I'm gonna paste it in. I'm gonna hit Login. And okay, so what is the problem here? So toysforpets.myshopify.com, so I'm gonna paste this in. So I'm gonna log in. Okay, this is new. So it tells me already using Shopify, please use a valid store name. I wonder if this is a browser issue. So let me try this in a different browser. All right, there we go. My computer froze there for a second. Okay, so let's try this from Safari. Maybe Firefox has an issue. Okay, I'll just paste that in again, toys for, oops not that one. I need this one. So enter your store's URL, toysforpets.myshopify.com. Let's actually remove some of this extra information. Hello, now it works. Okay, so you are about to install Oberlo. Install app. All right, well, what can I say? Shame on you Firefox. Let's continue this tutorial on Safari. So, we created our Shopify store. We connected our Shopify store with Oberlo. Now, we just need to find our products. Okay, so we're gonna click Find Products. And here, you have access to basically every product sold by every supplier out there. That's connected with Oberlo, of course. You can browse through all the various categories. In my case, I'm going to say toys and hobbies. And I am going to say cat toy or toys for cats, or simply let's say cats. So I am going to do a search and we will find some cats. While this is a very nice one, isn't it? Let's see a remote control simulation plus mice, cool. Let's add that to our import list. We can find information on the pricing, the delivery price or the shipping price. It leaves from China. Let's add that to the import list. And what else? A cat hamburger cake. Well, this is something I've always wanted, so let's add that to the import list as well. Let's close this. What else? Look. More mice. These are with, I think, one of those clockwork. We can actually click on them, and we can find the actual page of the product, in this case it's sold on Ali Express. You can find more information about this on the original page. Let's add this to the import list as well. All right, so let's say we found the products that we wanted from our suppliers. Next, we go to Import List. Right, we have these three products that we got from the supplier. And as you can see, they already have all the information filled in. They have their name, they have, what else do they have? They have variants, or description here. They have their variants. Probably depending on the color and stuff. They also have images for this. Well, I'm not sure why that image is there, but these are essentially toys for pets. And once you double-checked all of the products, you saw all the variants, all the images that you can choose from, then you can choose to push those products to the shop individually, or you can push all of them at once. So let's click that. Yes, I'm sure I wanna push all my products to the shop. Now my import list is empty, and if I go back to my shop, I can access products, and then I can see those products right here. I can see the inventory, and I can see the vendor. So now, what I can do is go to collections for cats. And I wanna add products to this collection. So I'm gonna click on this. I'm gonna add this bit. I'm gonna add this product. And I'm gonna add this product. All right, so now those three products that we just added can be found in the for cats collection. So now, if we take a look at our online store, the front end, well, we still can't see anything because we actually need to add those products to the home page if we want. We can open the Catalog, and we have those new products in the catalog. But as far as the Home page goes, we still need to do a little bit more work there. And that’s how you can add products with Oberlo. You saw just how easy it was. Because the suppliers basically have all the information you want starting from title, price, inventory information and all that stuff. You don't need to do anything other than import that product into your own store. Now, just in case you wanna add the products manually, you can do that, no problem. We're gonna have a look at that in the next lesson.

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