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2.1 Signing Up and Creating Your Store

Shopify is a very diverse platform. You’re not limited to selling online—you can also have a physical store, or you can sell on social media, whilst still using the Shopify platform to manage everything. In this course, however, we’re interested in creating an online store.

We’ll start by heading over to shopify.com to sign up.

2.1 Signing Up and Creating Your Store

Now, Shopify is a great platform because you're not just limited to selling online. You can have a physical store or you can sell your products on social media, right, but even if you do that, you can still use the Shopify platform. Of course, for this particular course, we're interested in creating an online store. So to get started, let's head over to Shopify.com, where we're gonna click any of these buttons to get started. Let me just input my email address, and you know what? I already used my main email address for a demo store that I did a while back, so I'm gonna use this super secret email to sign up for this particular store. Now, I'm gonna type in a password here. Of course, you won't know what that is, and store name, ToysForPets. Okay, so we're gonna create our store. And I'm gonna get rid of this Dashlane notification, hooray, yay, so our store is done. Let's see, what are, or are you all ready selling? Let's just say that I'm playing around for now, I don't need any help at this moment. And what is this asking, what is your current revenue? Zero, I'm just getting started, okay. Are you setting a store for a client? Nah, okay, next you add an address so you can get paid, and this will be used as your default business address. All right, so let's just say my own name here, a street address, I'm just gonna say my town here. Zip, postal code, just gonna say that, country, Romania, phone number, it's that one, and let's see business or personal? That's optional, enter my store, all right. Now, just [LAUGH] when you're doing your own shop, make sure you enter the correct address, as I said, this is a demo. All right, so we're in the backend or the Shopify administrative or administration interface. And they just notify you that your trial has just started, I think you have a 30 day trial or a 14 day. Yeah, I think it's a 14 day trial were you can just play around with your store, make sure you set it up, see how it works, see if it's a good fit for you. And if it is, then you have to pay a monthly subscription to, of course, keep your store. All right, now as I said, we're up and running. If I want, I can click this link, Online Store, and that's gonna open up. Sorry, I meant click this [LAUGH] eye icon, and that's gonna take you to your actual store, that it's now hosted at toysforpets.myshopified.com. You can host this on your own domain if that's what you want, but they offer you to host your store on the myshopify.com domain, all right? So this is what our store currently looks like, it's the default. We don't have any kind of content, we'll be adding that, of course, later on. We don't have any kind of products, or real products added, but we'll do that as well. So that's your online store basically, you saw just how easy it was. In a couple of minutes you signed up, you entered some information about your store, your personal details, and you have your store up and running. It doesn't have any products yet or [LAUGH] any kind of contents, but that's fine. The, let's call it the base of it, the foundation of it is there. Next, what would you do to this store? Well, you would probably choose a different theme, right, just in case you don't like the original theme. So let's have a look at that in the next lesson, see how we can do it, and see if we can find any themes that are better than this default one. See you in the next lesson.

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