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2.6 Sharing and Testing the Prototypes

Welcome to the final lesson of this course. Let’s say that you’ve created your prototypes; now what? Well, you need to test them to make sure everything is working properly, and then you also need to share them with the right people. To wrap up this course, let’s see how you can do that.

2.6 Sharing and Testing the Prototypes

Welcome to the final lesson of this course. Now, let's assume that you've created your prototypes, what next? Well, you need to test them and you also need to share them with the right people, either your teammates or your clients. So, let's see how you can do that. To test your prototypes, the easiest way is to use the preview. But just in case you wanna take things a little bit further, you can connect your devices. So ProtoPie actually has two apps, one for Android that you can get on Google Play, and one for iOS, which you can get on the App Store. And once you download them, you just scan this QR code, and it links your device directly in the app. And then you can actually preview these prototypes directly on your device, very, very handy. And depending on what you're building, you might test your prototypes on the phone, on a tablet, on a desktop, it doesn't really matter, it's all the same. Now once you've done your testing and everything looks as it should, you need to share your prototype with other people. You do that by uploading the prototype to the ProtoPie Cloud. So, you can click on Cloud, and then you would log in, I'm gonna enter my email address, and my password, hit Login. And now my trial was automatically bumped up, I have more days to try this out. And then you just hit Upload, you select your space there, and it's uploading the prototype to the Cloud. Once it's done, it's gonna generate a link that you can copy and share with other people, there it is, Copy. So now if we open this in a browser, it's gonna take me to my prototype, and you can see a preview here, you can interact with it. And you can also download it from here, and you can preview it in a few different ways. Using these options here, you can change the render speed, you can change the cursor, and you're good to go. All right, and that's a quick introduction to creating high fidelity prototypes with ProtoPie, an amazing piece of software. And we've only just scratched the surface here, I showed you the basics in this course, but I encourage you to explore this application a lot more. There's so many more things you can do with it, and because you have that seven day trial, that's a great opportunity for you to do just that. Thank you very much for watching this course, I'm Adi Purdila and until next time, take care.

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