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2.1 Choosing an Elements Theme

WordPress is plenty powerful out of the box, but it’s made better with custom themes. This lesson will teach you how to download a WordPress theme from Envato Elements and what to look for when choosing a theme.

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2.1 Choosing an Elements Theme

WordPress comes out of the box with a built in theme like the one that you see installed at the beginning of this course. In WordPress, a theme controls a lot of things, like the layout of the content for example. It also controls all of the styles, fonts, colors and basically just the overall look and feel of the website. Custom themes also enable lot of custom features as well. The way that WorkPress works, you can install a custom theme to really customize it to your own liking. Theme controls layout, design, style and more. Because your theme has such a big effect on the way that the website appears, you'll want to choose a good looking one that really captures the style of your business. There's no shortage custom WordPress themes out there on the web. Many can be purchased and used on your own site for a fee. But what's even better than that, is using Envato Elements and for creative projects like this one, you really can't beat the value that Elements brings to the table. It's a subscription service that has over 400,000 creative assets for you to use. As part of that Elements package, you can grab WordPress themes when you go to an annual subscription. Pay for an Element subscription yearly and you can grab and download and use as many of these WordPress themes as you want. In this course, we're going to use the Bonfire theme. This theme not only looks great, it's responsive to the user, so that it looks great on most devices. It's flexible enough so that it works for businesses of many types. We'll install the Bonfire theme on our own installation of WordPress, add our own content and create a customized site in this course. Again, turning to a solution like Elements, is the way that you save time and money versus hiring a dedicated designer. For many small business owners WordPress plus a custom theme will be more than enough so that visitors can find you on the web. When you're bootstrapping and trying to save money when building out your business, this is really the perfect solution where you don't have to sacrifice quality or cost. And as part of that Element subscription, there are so many things that you can make use of from Elements. You might need stock photos to fill in some gaps on your site. Elements has those and it's all included as part of the subscription. Elements includes other things for websites too, like graphics and icons that you can make use of. And remember, it's all included with the subscription. The best part of using Elements for WordPress themes, is that if you start designing with one theme and decide that you're looking for a little something different, you can grab another one from the Elements collection at no additional cost. Keep cycling through themes on Elements until you find something that fits your business perfectly. In the next lesson, you'll learn how to install and activate the theme for your own website. Let's keep going as we build out a responsive website.

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