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4.1 Site Testing & Navigation

We'll build the menu to navigate the site, and then test out our new website. We'll make sure that it's working great on other devices and wrap up the course.

4.1 Site Testing & Navigation

We're almost ready to wrap up building our responsive website and we need to add a key part of the site design. The menu that will live at the top of our site to make it easy to jump between pages. Let's go ahead and go to appearance customize here on the left side. Now open up Menus down here at the bottom, then let's go ahead and click on Create New Menu to start adding our menu. I'm going to just call this Main Menu then take this box below so that bonfire knows to use this menu for the site. Now let's just click on Add Items. This new window will have all of the pages that we've set up. You can just press the plus button and add them to the menu here on the right side. Once you've finished adding all of them, you can also reorder them as needed by clicking on reorder and then using these arrows to resequence is you need to. Finally, let's go ahead and lock in our changes and we'll be good to go. The menu's on our side and ready to be used for navigation. We're nearly finish with our responsive website and it's time now to test it out and make sure that it's still looking great. Jumping back to our site, you can see that the site is pretty much good to go. One of my test steps is always to try out all of the links that you can find on the site. It's important that none of these are left over from the built in theme content, or any placeholders that you didn't wind up using. Take that extra time to try those out and make sure that the visitors will use the site the way we had in mind. Another step is to resize the browser down to various sizes to make sure that it looks okay. This is kind of simulating the way that people on other size devices, like mobile and tablets, will experience the site. It's important also to try and test our the site on other devices. If you have a tablet or smartphone, make sure to try out the site on those devices as well. But also make sure that you're asking others to try out the site on devices that you don't own. Steps like this may seem a bit redundant if you've been checking all along. But it's important to do this usability testing. Even sending it to some friends to test out on other devices can be a great idea to ensure that the site looks great on a variety of devices.

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