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1.2 What Are We Building?

Let's talk about the essentials of building a website. You'll learn why responsive design is so important on the modern web and how you can build a site that is responsive.

1.2 What Are We Building?

So in this course, I'm gonna help you build a responsive website using a combination of WordPress, and an easy to use theme. We'll invent a fictitious business, and build out a site that helps us connect with potential customers. This course will really emphasize the importance of responsive design. Responsive design is a must when it comes to building modern websites, but what does that term really mean? Well, in short, it means that not everyone will see the same website when they visit your URL. The modern web is accessed by people on countless types of devices, you might have one visitor visit your site on a smartphone, another on a tablet, and another on a desktop. Each of these different users are viewing the site on vastly different sized screens, and resolutions. They might be using a mouse and keyboard, and they might be using a touchscreen. That's why responsive design is so important. It's all about accommodating those different users, so that everyone has a good experience when they visit our site. We run the risk of not connecting with the visitor, if we don't support the device that they're seeing our site on. So the solution is to build sites that accommodate responsive design. When we build out responsive sides, they reformat and re-flow content for devices. You don't have to build out three separate sites for tablet, desktop, and smart phone users. A single responsive site will adapt to the conditions that a user's viewing the site under. In this course, what I want you to see, is you don't have to be a web developer to build successful responsive sites with WordPress. Combining WordPress, a content management system, with a WordPress theme from Envato Elements, is one of the fastest and least expensive ways to build out a website. Let's find out more about why this combination works so well.

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