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3.1 Final Thoughts

In this course, we’ve looked at how to create our own interactive maps in JavaScript using the Leaflet.js framework. Hopefully, you’ll be able to use what you’ve learned here to help your users find their way to your door. Thank you for watching!

3.1 Final Thoughts

Hello, and welcome back to interactive JavaScript maps with leaflet. In this course, we talked about how to create interactive JavaScript maps for the web using the Leaflet JavaScript framework. We looked at how to enter coordinates for our maps, as well as how to create markers and tool tips and shapes. Hopefully, this course has given you a solid foundation in the Leaflet framework. And I hope you can find some creative ways to use what you've learned here in your own work. Again, my name is Craig Campbell. I wanna thank you so much for watching. And I'll see you next time.

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