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1.2 What Is Figma?

Welcome back to the course. In this lesson, we’ll answer probably the most obvious question: “What is Figma?” So let’s get started.

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1.2 What Is Figma?

Welcome back to the course. In this lesson we're going to answer probably the most obvious question which is what is Figma? Well, to put it simply Figma is a design tool. And with it, you can create anything you want for the web, from user interfaces to illustrations to icons. So, if you want to design a small smartwatch app, you can do it in Figma. If you want to design a large e-commerce website, you can do it in Figma. Illustrations, icons no problem cuz Figma is also a vector editing application, which is pretty cool. Now Figma is a browser-based design tool. And even though it does have standalone desktop applications for Windows and Mac OS, most of the time, you'll probably use it. And it's, let's call like natural environment, which is the browser. So you can open it in any compatible browser on any operating system. Mac OS, Windows and Linux, which is awesome. Even more awesome is the fact that it's free. So, how do you get Figma? Well, let's have a look. You would go to figma.com, and regardless of where you use it in the browser or on the desktop, you need to have an account. So if you have one, you would log in. If you don't, you would sign up. And we'll do that. But first I wanna quickly talk about pricing. So I said in the intro of this course that Figma is a free software and it is free. It does have this starter plan, which is free. Of course in some regards you are limited. So you can only create three projects, you have a version history of just 30 days. And you're missing out on some of the more premium features that you can see here. However, these plans, professional and organization are only suitable for teams. So if you're an individual or you're running a very small team, then the free plan is more than enough for you. I've been using Figma as an individual for, I think, two, maybe three years now, and I never needed to upgrade to any of these plans. I'm still using the free version. So now, to get started, as I said, if you have an account, go ahead and login. Personally, I'm gonna go ahead and sign up, and I'm gonna to sign up with Google. And I just have a demo account setup here. And I'm just gonna select design here, and Create Account. It's really that simple. And once my account is all set up, I am greeted by this prompt here in Figma asking us to give our team a name to get started. So let's call this, Tuts+ Design. You can also do this later if you prefer. So, we're gonna hit next. And here I have the option to invite my teammates or my collaborators. I'm gonna skip this step for now. And I'm gonna choose my starter plan because I wanna start with the free plan. Here, it asks you if you want the software to show you around. I'm gonna hit No, thanks, and I'm in. I'm now ready to use this amazing design software directly in my browser. Now, don't worry if this looks a little bit weird or different to what you're used to. I'm going to walk you through the why, and how to create projects and files in the next couple of lessons in the course. All right, so with that out of the way, let's move on and get more familiar with Figma. We'll start in the next chapter by learning how to work with projects, files and pages. So I'll see you in the next lesson.

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