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2.1 What Is Mason?

Welcome to the first lesson of this course, where we’ll answer a lot of questions about Mason. We’ll see what Mason is and where you can get it. Then we’ll see what we can build with it. Finally, we’ll learn about pricing and what you get for your money. Let’s go!

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2.1 What Is Mason?

Welcome to the first lesson of this course. Where we'll answer a lot of questions about Mason. So here's what we'll do. We'll see what Mason is and where you can get it, then we'll see what we can do with it. And finally, we'll learn about pricing and what you get for your money. Let's go. You can get Mason by visiting trimason.com. You'll also find this link in the lesson notes. So what is it? Well, it's a platform, right? It says so right here on the homepage. Mason is a feature building platform. And more specifically we're talking front-end features. So what is a feature, you might ask? Well, it's a common pattern that you find in web design. It's a news feed, it's a log-in form, right? An information card. A button, right? All of these can be created with Mason, as I was saying in the introduction video. You can create entire websites with Mason. It's probably not the best tool for the job but you can do it. Now the cool thing about these features is that you can integrate them into your own app, into your own website either via react or JavaScript. So you can create these standalone features like a login form, in Mason and then bring it over and integrate in your own project, which is very very cool. So what exactly can you build with Mason, right? Let's have a look at some of the feature kits that are available by default, in Mason. So this is one of them. It's called Core. It's free of course. And here is a list of all of the features you can create with it. Of course you can take anyone of these and you can customize it in any way you want. And you can connect it to data sources. You can have the forms submit to a specific page. It's very flexible in this regard. So what do we see here? Well there's maybe a hero area, a call to action, maybe another call to action information card, Facebook login. Here is a checkout form. Other types of forms, and you can go ahead without even having to log-in, you can go to the Mason website and you can click Feature Kits, Core or Form. This is also a kit that's available. This is dedicated to forms basically. So find a whole range of forms you can choose from. All right, so how much does this cost? Well if we go to the pricing page. It's actually priced right forward. We have three plans, Free, Standard, Plus. The Plus and the Standard are actually quite pricey. But remember that this is a platform that's more suited for teams, not necessarily individuals. But if you just wanna try things out or maybe you don't need to create so many components there is also a free plan, that you can use, you can have up to two teammates, one project and some limited options here. The higher tier plans basically give you more teammates and more projects. But as you'll see in this short course, for the kind of thing that we'll do, the free plan is more than enough. All right and that is Mason in a nutshell. Now, let's dig a little deeper and find out more about these features. So in the next lesson, we'll explain what features are all about, we'll create one and integrate it into an existing page. See you there.

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