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1.1 Welcome

Hi guys, welcome to An Introduction to Web Typography, a Tuts+ Premium course. My name’s Ian Yates and I’m the editor over at Webdesigntuts+.

This course is designed to to take you through the absolute fundamentals of web typography, so whether you’re a beginner, or simply wish to refresh your knowledge, this course should be useful to you. There are a series of screencasts, and we’ll be going through a fair amount of theory, often covering the wide array of rules which apply to typography, but as I reinforce on each occasion, rules and boundaries are there to guide you. Once you’ve nailed the basics, you’re free to bend the rules wherever you want.

  • We’ll begin by talking about what web typography is, and why it’s so important to understand as a web designer. We’ll then move on to the anatomy of type and how we can manipulate the various aspects of it with CSS.
  • Video 3 sees us looking at the technicalities of using fonts on the web, the reign of CSS’s @font-face, the legalities, and a couple of resources.
  • We’re then going to talk about communication, typography’s primary role, before moving on to look at some more decorative examples. Typography is supposed to cater for aesthetic needs after all
  • We’re then going to discuss some of the considerations worth bearing in mind when choosing fonts. We’ll use the Google font API and select some suitable fonts for our demo file.
  • To complete the series, we’ll look into some more theory, covering size, scale and rhythm, before turning our attention to flexible type. Flexible type is a very important topic these days, so make sure you hang on for that one!

All the while we’ll be working on our demo page. It’s a straight forward layout, devoid of fancy colors or textures, but it serves our purposes perfectly. It’s going to help you understand the fundamentals of typography, without distracting you with any of the other aspects of web design.

OK, go and grab a coffee, sit back, and I’ll see you in the first video!