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Free Preview: Make the Leap: From Static Mockups to Moving Prototypes



If you don’t already use prototyping in your work, you might instead use flat mockups or flow diagrams to imagine how users will interact with your app. Getting started with prototyping can seem quite intimidating, especially with new tools becoming available all the time. But don’t fear! In this short course I’ll show you how to get started quickly.

Follow along, and I’ll show you how prototyping will help you:

  • Start thinking about your work interactively.
  • Communicate ideas to your team.
  • Test your designs with users.

We’ll use two tools that are easy to get started with: InVision and Principle. You’ll get tons of value for just a short investment of time.

Once you're started with prototyping, why not learn how to use Craft, a plugin for Sketch, and accelerate your workflow by creating rapidly with real-world content: