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1.1 Welcome

In this brief introduction, we’ll talk about what’s covered in the course, what value you’ll get out of it, and why you should make prototyping a core part of your design workflow.

1.1 Welcome

Hi this is Chris and welcome to this course from Envato Tuts+. We're gonna talk about making the leap, from static markups to moving Prototypes. Getting started with Prototyping can be pretty intimidating. If you haven't worked with animation or motion before, you might just have a mental block about getting started. In the past, I was a bit like this, but I've adopted a lot of Prototyping now in my work. It helps to make sure my ideas are well thought through. It helps in communicating ideas with my team, and it helps to test things with my users. I'm gonna give you the fundamentals to get started. And by the end of this short course, you'll be able to create your first basic Prototype.