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4.1 Conclusion

The final stage of motion design involves exporting files, in order to preview prototyped animations. This concluding lesson will briefly explain recording interactions and exporting files, and end with an overview of everything you’ve learned throughout this short course.

4.1 Conclusion

Principles are very powerful tool, and we've learned that thus far throughout the short course. We've come a long way from learning the basics of principles. All the way up to as you can see here recreating a real world interface. Now the final things. Say for example, we've finished up our design here and we want to share it with the world. We can simply hit the record button on top of the preview window select our cursor and it records everything that we do on screen. For example, as I tab through our recreated interface, Ppush some buttons by hitting this nicely animated add button, which animates to a close button. And then I can stop the recording by hitting the button again, and I can export it as a gif or as a mov. This case I'm gonna save it as a video. And just like that our animation is saved in a little video, ready for us to share with clients, friends or even the world. This is Motion Designed with Principle, and I'm CJ for tuts+. Thanks for watching.

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