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1.1 Course Overview

Here’s the situation: You’re a visual designer and you want to turn your interface designs into more interactive prototypes. Motion design is the future of interface design, and Principle for Mac is a great way to get started. In this introduction, I’ll explain what we’re going to cover in the rest of the course.

1.1 Course Overview

Here's the situation. You're a visual designer, and you want to turn your interface designs into more interactive prototypes, or you're web designer, and you're tinkering with a new style of animation. But, you want to be able to test it out, and preview it without having to write lines of code. Motion design is the future of user interface design, and what better way to learn motion design than with principle for Mac. An app that's like a hybrid between Sketch, and Keynote, that allow you to turn one static designs into more interactive, dynamic prototypes. This short course will show you the basics of principle for Mac, from navigating it's user interface, creating transitions between states. And the mating individual elements, all the way up to creating custom animations for multiple aspects of your design. I'm Cj Melegrito for Tuts+, and this is motion designed with the principle for Mac. Let's get started.

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