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1.1 Course Overview

If you haven’t heard of Bootstrap, you’ve probably been living under a rock in a dark cave. It’s the most popular project on GitHub, and for good reason. The amount of work that has gone into Bootstrap 3 from the community has been nothing short of amazing, and in this course you’ll learn just how flexible the core markup behind Bootstrap really is. You’ll get some hands-on practice creating a site with Bootstrap, so that you become more comfortable and confident using it for all your front-end needs.

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1.1 Course Overview

There comes a point in every designers life, where they need a portfolio to show off their work, and to make a good impression on potential clients, and nothing beats a good website to display your work in. It's easily the most portable form of a portfolio, as it can be accessed from anywhere at anytime by anyone. But what makes a good portfolio website? And more importantly, how do we even build one? Well in this exclusive Tuts Plus course I, Cory Simmons, will show you how to use the most popular front end framework on the planet, Bootstrap, to create a response support portfolio from scratch, and leave potential clients with their jaws on the floor. We'll be creating the site with a filterable portfolio, a blog, and a contact page from scratch. So strap in and get ready to power up your portfolio with Bootstrap.

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