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6.1 Goodbye

In this course we learned how to use pre-existing Bootstrap styling and components to create a beautiful, minimalist portfolio site quickly and easily. Thanks for tuning in, and be sure to tune in next time when we convert this static build into a functional WordPress site.

6.1 Goodbye

Thank you so much for following along with Power Up Your Portfolio with Bootstrap. We built a really trendy, dark, abstract theme for our site and used Bootstrap to implement it. In the process, we learned about Bootstrap's amazingly powerful grid system and how to source order it, and even how to offset it. And we learned about several pre-built Bootstrap components, as well as how to override them to bend them to our will. We learned how to implement a nice JavaScript plugin to give our portfolio some life and how to make sure our entire site looks good on any device. I've been your instructor, Cory Simmons. I hope you had fun and learned a lot.

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