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1.1 Welcome

Welcome to this short course, in which you’ll build five different types of website navigation, catering to desktop and mobile.

We’ll walk through examples for simple menus, which only contain a few items, and complex ones with submenus up to two levels deep.

I’ll be using pure CSS and a tiny bit of JavaScript, making it possible for anyone to follow along.

1.1 Welcome

Creating your website navigation that looks the same on every device is not really possible. Because of the smaller screen size mobile devices require a different type of navigation. In this short course, you'll learn five different ways of converting a website navigation from a desktop format, to a mobile one. You'll see examples for both simple menus that only have a few items, to more complex ones that have some menus of up to two levels deep. I'll be using pure CSS and a tiny bit of JavaScript so anyone can follow along. I'm Adi Purdila welcome to Practical CSS, Desktop to Mobile Navigation Patterns. Let's begin.

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