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8.1 Final Thoughts

Most new designers and developers don’t realize just how much can be done without writing more than one or two lines of CSS and JavaScript. Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed creating some really eye-catching effects without having to rely on hours of coding to get it right. I look forward to seeing how you apply what you’ve learned!

8.1 Final Thoughts

Hello, and welcome back to practical web animation. Throughout this course we've talked about numerous different ways that we can create some elegant, subtle animations using CSS, and jQuery, and as you've heard me say over, and over again I want to encourage you to experiment. That's really the best way to learn is just by experimenting with different ideas, play around with different properties that you might not have thought to animate before. And I have no doubt that in your experimentation you'll come up with some really creative ideas for your own animations, so once again, I wanna thank you so much for watching, my name is Craig Campbell, and I'll see you next time.

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