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2.1 Finding The Gaps

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to pinpoint gaps in the ThemeForest marketplace. Armed with this information, you’ll be able to fill in those gaps with great products and “flood a category” with your content.

2.1 Finding The Gaps

So now, let me talk about why I personally started developing church related themes. I was trying to find holes in the market. And what I mean by that is a category that is fairly empty but has a lot of sales. So if I go over to the non profit category here, and then go to churches. You'll see now that there's actually 25 in here. When I went to build my theme there were probably four or five, but all of them were selling really well, so I kinda figure this is probably a market that is looking for these themes. They only have a choice of you know, five. So if I created a few of these, I could probably flip this market, and that's what I decided to do and it, it worked out pretty well. So as another example, activism. There's four in there, and even in this case, sales, sales are pretty good, so this might be another category that's pretty right for what I call flooding, flooding a category with some really good themes to kind of compete with the very little that is here already, same thing with political. Let's go to political here. You know, there aren't a ton of themes in here, but they all, they all have really high sales. So this is another category that's not been paid much attention to, but obviously there are people who, who want these themes. And they're, they're just not available. If you go to the Genesis subcategory here. There are two in there, and these two, you know, it's not to say that they're bad themes, but maybe Genesis isn't a framework that a lot of people are, are looking for. So the sales, the sales aren't that high. So in this case the category definitely empty enough, but the sales aren't normally there to warrant you trying to flood this category. So, I wouldn't suggest something like this. So again, just to wrap this up, look for a category that is high in sales with very little themes. And of course now, churches is a huge category, because I think people started to catch on here. And I have about here's three of mine right aw, right off the bat. I have I think five total church themes within the category. So out of the 25 that are in here, five of them are mine. That's a decent amount of themes to help push those sales.

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