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1.1 Overview

In this opening lesson, we’ll take a moment to review the content that will be covered in this course.

1.1 Overview

Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to watch this video series, my name is Justin Scheetz, and for the last five or so years I've been developing templates and themes specifically for the Themeforest marketplace. It's an incredibly crowded area of the market and WordPress is only growing stronger and stronger. So as long as you can learn to visualize where the market is going, you can accurately predict, for the most part, what to build next. And that's my personal strategy, but honestly, there's many ways to go about it, and that's the main focus of this video series. I'll be covering a few more granular things like the importance of design details, must have short codes, and widgets, the all important browser testing, and writing great documentation, and supporting your products most of all is very important. So let's get started.

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