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5.1 Recap

You're at the end of this course. Thank you for having the patience to watch all 25 videos. I tried to incorporate as much as I could and give you a proper understanding of what tools and techniques you need to use. In the first part, I talked about the two types of grids you can use and also showed you how to use custom fonts. Next, I showed you two of the Photoshop actions I use daily to speed up my workflow. Finally, I ended the theory part with an introduction to preprocessors and responsive web design. In the second part of this course, I took the portfolio website I made on the beginner's course, redesigned it, and rebuilt it using some new techniques and tools. And that's it for this course. I really hope you liked it. I'm your teacher, Adi Purdila, and from all of us at Tuts+, thanks for watching. Bye.

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