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1.1 Welcome

Hello, and welcome to Pro Web Design and Workflow. My name is Adi Purdila. In this course, I'll teach you how to develop a professional workflow for your web design projects. Before you start this course, I suggest you take its predecessor first. It's called Web Design for Beginners, and it lays the foundation for what I'm about to teach you here. Now in the previous course I taught you the basics, a bit about HTML, CSS, what image editor you need to use to create your design, how you plan your design, and so on. The result was a simple portfolio website with a homepage, a page for a portfolio item, and an about page. All of this was done using very basic techniques. Now I'll turn up the heat and show you some more advanced stuff, like working with grids and custom fonts. I'll also show you some handy Photoshop actions that will seriously speed up your design process. At the end of the theory part, I'll give you an introduction to preprocessors, how awesome they are and how they help you write CSS amazingly fast. As always, I have an exercise part where I'll take the website I built in the previous course, redesign it and rebuild it using some more advanced techniques. Oh, and I'll also make it responsive, so it will look good on any device. So that's about it. If it sounds interesting, I'll see you in lesson number one.

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