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1.1 Introduction

In this introductory lesson, I’ll explain why your venture into freelancing might have had some adverse effects on your life as a whole. You’re not alone. In this Coffee Break Course, we’ll go over some productivity tips which I’ve personally found vastly improve the work/life balance.

1.Productivity Tips for Your Web Design Business
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How to Be More Productive and Profitable

1.1 Introduction

[MUSIC] Did you become your own boss in the hopes that you could spend more time with your family, or doing the things you love? Have you in fact ended up working evenings and weekends just to stay on top of things? If so, you'll wanna check out my video on productivity. Join me, Paul Boag, as I share the productivity tips that have enabled me to work less than I ever have before in my career. While at the same time, earning more. Productivity tips that will make a real difference in your job too. Now what you need to do is find ten minutes to sit down and watch the video.

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