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1.1 Responsive Web Design Revisited

Welcome to “Responsive Web Design Revisited”. As a web designer, Responsive Web Design is an area of expertise you’ll need to have listed on your resumé. More importantly it’s an area you’ll need to stay up to date with; it has already changed enormously in the short time since its conception. Before we dive in, let’s take a peek at what you’ll learn during this course.

1.1 Responsive Web Design Revisited

Being a web designer today means that right at the top of your job description is a line that reads, must be able to build responsive web sites. But what responsive web design actually means is something that's always changing with evolving technology and coding methods. So, it's an area of expertise that requires constant revisiting. When you've completed this course, you'll have thoroughly refreshed your lineup of responsive web design techniques. You'll know how to build responsive sites from the ground up that work beautifully in any view port, regardless of resolution. You'll employ a content first methodology, learning how to work in a world where the line between mobile devices, desktop devices, and every other type of device is growing more and more blurred by the day. You'll find out how you can have your cake and eat it too, using design software to handle the design portion of your web development, and yet still coding your responsive functionality live in the browser. You'll be able to produce flexible, scalable, relative unit-based layouts that expand and shrink harmoniously according to browser or user font size settings, so that everyone of your visitors sees your site exactly as it was meant to be. And you'll learn how to optimize your sites for fast loading and efficient processing. So let's jump in and get started with responsive web design revisited.

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