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7.1 Wrapping Up

Well done, you have just completed Responsive web design revisited. You now have a complete content first process that you can follow to create responsive web sites at the highest level possible from this point on. Your sites won't just work on mobile phones and desktops, they'll work on every device, in every way they're asked to perform. Creating responsive sites is all about being fully cross compatible. So you might also like to check out my course Bomb-Proof Web Design to learn even more about putting great experiences together for your visitors. To take your responsive CSS coding up to the next level, I also recommend you consider working with the CSS preprocessor, something like Stylus, Sass, or LESS. A lot of the things that you need to do for responsive design are made a lot easier when you're using a preprocessor. So if you would like to get started on that, you could also take a look at another one of my courses, named become a CSS super hero with styles. Thank you so much for taking this course I hope you had a great time, and I'll see you in the next one.

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