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6.1 Conclusion

Most new designers and developers don't realize just how much can be done without writing more than one or two lines of JavaScript. Hopefully, you've enjoyed creating some really eye-catching effects without having to rely on hours of coding to get it right.

6.1 Conclusion

Hello, and welcome back to Scroll Events Made Easy. Over the duration of this course, we've talked about three different JavaScript frameworks which allow us to create some really nice scrolling animations without having to type any of our own JavaScript. We talked about parallax.js where we could create very easily some parallax scrolling effects with our background images without typing any JavaScript. We just added a few attributes to our items, and it just worked magically. Then we talked about wow.js, where we could create animations that triggered as soon as an item was scrolled into view. Also, we didn't have to write any JavaScript for that, except for the one line where we had to initialize the wow framework. And then we moved on to the scroller framework which gave us even more flexibility with what we could do as we scrolled our browser up and down. And then for those of you who were brave enough, we jumped in to a little bit of JavaScript as we created some animated navigation between our different key frames. Or between our different slides in our page. So I hope that you've learned a lot from this course, and I hope you take it further than just what we've done in this course. Most of the people watching this course are gonna be web designers. So I hope you can find some really creative ways to incorporate these technical concepts into the beautiful creations that you make every day on the web. So, once again, I want to thank you so much for watching. My name is Craig Campbell, and I'll see you next time.

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