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3.1 Wrapping Up

Well done! You’ve now built yourself a solid understanding of typography CSS, and you’ve created your first set of typographic styling. Let’s have a quick look at what you learned, and then check out what we’ll be covering in the next course, “Start Here: Learn Layout CSS”.

3.1 Wrapping Up

Hey, welcome to the final video in Start Here: Learn Typography CSS. You've gone from an introduction to the absolute bare bones basics of CSS, all the way through to completely styling typography on a basic HTML page. So that's a huge accomplishment, and you should feel really proud of yourself. So along the way, you learned about CSS font properties. You learned about web-safe fonts and custom fonts. And you also learned about creating font stacks for fallbacks. You learned about controlling vertical spacing in typography by using line-height and vertical margins. You learned about units, including rem, px, and vw, not to mention leaving units out altogether with line heights. And then you put all of that to work to style your own HTML page. So all up, you now have a grasp on the basics of HTML and on CSS typography. And in the next course after this in our Start Here series, we're gonna keep building on that foundation and we're gonna go through how you can control layout in CSS. Now, just like we have so far with our Start Here courses, in the next course on layout, we're gonna focus on the absolutely most essential CSS properties when it comes to controlling layout. So we're gonna make sure that when you've finished that course, you have the information that you need to create virtually any type of layout. So I hope you had a great time in this course on CSS typography and that you join me in the next course, Start Here Learn CSS Layout. So I'll see you in the next one.

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