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1.1 Welcome to CSS Positioning

In this first video I’ll introduce you to CSS positioning, explaining how a proper understanding of its principles will underpin everything you do in CSS moving forward. I’ll also show you how we’re going to be learning: visually, using tools available to us through a free account at Webflow. Let’s get started!

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1.1 Welcome to CSS Positioning

When you get started in your web design probably the most fundamental set of skills that you're gonna have to learn is how to create layouts. And underpinning how you create layouts is a strong understanding of how CSS positioning works. CSS positioning as well as working with floating, clearing and things like margins, provide you with an incredibly powerful toolset that would be present with you right throughout your web design career. But as powerful as these things are, they can be equally confusing when you're first trying to master those essentials. But by the time you finish course, you're gonna have a firm grasp of exactly what you need to know to feel comfortable using this tool set in any way that you need to. Over this course, we're gonna do things a little bit differently. Instead of just showing you through lines and lines of code, we're going to be learning visually through a free account at Webflow. You're gonna go through the lessons in this course using a visual interface that will give you real-time feedback as you are applying CSS changes. And the instant feedback is going to help make it much, much clearer exactly how the different types of positioning work. And that's gonna really accelerate how quickly you can master these techniques. So, let's get started on The Complete Guide to CSS Positioning. I'll see you in the first lesson.

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